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5/13/2011 07:44:10 am

The goal of this blog is to connect local farms with other farmers and the surrounding community. Post your concerns, pictures, animals, or produce. The bigger our network gets, the more opportunities will presents themselves.

Tim and Melissa
7/4/2011 01:52:56 pm

Mellissa and I bought 4 fertile ostrich eggs from an ostrich farm in New Mexico. Out of the 4 eggs only two where fertile and we lost one chick. With only one egg still to hatch, we called another ostrich breeder in Alabama. With the help of Ron Martin are only ostrich chick survived. Ron would call three to five times a day once the chick started to hatch. To see how the baby ostrich was doing. We have the up most respect for Ron. I bought four fertile ostrich eggs from Ron this hatching season. So we can get our own breeding pair of ostrich’s.

12/10/2013 03:44:06 am

Hi Tim and Melissa,

I'm interested to buy fertile ostrich eggs from Ron Martin, United ostrich farm. I just was wondering how it is going with your ostriches and did all four eggs purchased from Ron hatched?

your feedback is appreciated

8/10/2011 02:09:48 pm

I found this site off of craigslist, and also live in Enumclaw. I am currently looking for Rhode Island Red chickens, Standard Cochins, and a Jersey hieffer!! Anyone that can help me locate these things close to Enumlaw for a reasonable price would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

7/13/2012 12:37:46 pm

Great information and site


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